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 Deux Faces | 98/99 Agility | 1110 Total

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Deux Faces

PostSubject: Deux Faces | 98/99 Agility | 1110 Total   August 4th 2011, 12:36 am

Deux Faces
Goals & Achievements

Format by A Fatal Wish (Check out his thread here.)

Table of Contents:
i. About Me
ii a. Runescape Introduction
ii b. Real- Life Introduction
iii. My Homeworld and Current Location
iv. Proof of Account
v. My Stats
vi. My Stat Goals
vii. My Most Recent Level
viii. My 99's
ix. Activity Logs
x. FAQ

i. About Me:

RL Name: Marc
RSN: Deux Faces
Youtube Account: EmptyNightSkills (check out for monthly progress vids)
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: French
Age: 17 years old
Favorite Music: I'll listen to anything, really depends on mood.
Favorite Tv Show: ATM, Doctor Who. It changes though.
Born: Toronto, Canada
D.O.B: 04.30.94
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2'
Weight: 165 Lbs
Hobby(Hobbies): Basketball, Track & Field, Runescape, L33T Math nerd. Bunch of other random things.

My Favorite Skill(s): Construction, Farming, Hunter and Herblore
My Least-Favorite Skill(s): Mining and ummm... Mining

My Favorite Cape(s): Runecrafting, Agility, Firemaking
My Least-Favorite Cape(s): Thieving

ii a. Runescape Introduction:

Hello everyone, I'm known on Runescape as Deux Faces. I've made many accounts on Runescape over the years so here's a short history. My very first account was created in 2005, after several unsuccessful attempts I finally realized that Runescape wasn't limited to Lumbridge and I created one called Dooplex, which was, and still is, my main. Several attempts at skillers and pures were unsuccessful over the years, the best being a skiller called Empty Night which gained combat. In early 2010, I went back to an account that I had abandoned without even training any skills up on it and it's on that account that I'm playing on today.

ii b. Real-Life Introduction:

Hi, everyone. My name is Marc and I'm 17 years old and I live in Toronto, Ontario if you don't know where that is it's in Canada. I'm a high school student and I plan on going to university in Canada where I will study engineering. I do Track and Field competitively and I managed to reach OFSAA (to Americans that's like state championships) the past two years (high jump and triple jump). I also play basketball and soccer/football on my school teams. I'm also a huge math nerd, and proud of it. If you want to know anything else about me feel free to ask away.

[center]iii. My Homeworld and Current Location:

I currently play in W157 and I'm currently training Agility at Gnome Advanced course.

iv. Proof of Account:

v. My Stats:


vi. My Stat Goals:


Long, but not too tedious in my opinion. Not much choice for skillers here. The best method is Wilderness arena to 85 then advanced gnome to 90 and advanced barb to 99. Should be a good challenge, let's hope I make it.


All done with Stealing Creation hammers.

Oak larders to 74, followed by oak dungeon doors to 99 and beyond.


Fishing is just going to be straight fly fishing at Rasolo the entire time right up to 99. It'll be long and not very profitable but in the end the cape is pretty sweet so I don't care. Like I said, I'll train it at Rasolo which is right next to Baxtorian falls.


Woodcutting, the ultimate AFKing skill. I'll be at Barbarian outpost until 68 chopping willows. At 68, I'll start chopping ivy probably all the way to 99; however, I might do some sawmill training just to change it up a bit. I'll probably train at the Varrock castle Ivy, just because it's close to sawmill and GE.


In the long run I do plan on getting 99 Crafting, but up to 80 I'll just be crafting glass orbs for decent exp rates and minimal losses. If I go for 99 I might try Green D'hide armour with SC needles. Either way, it'll cost a lot.


Smithing, there are two ways to go. One, the long and extremely profitable way or, two, the short and disgustingly expensive way. I'll probably stick with making cannonballs to 70/80 and play it by ear afterwards.


Speaking of expensive skills... Herblore is going to drain my bank big time. This combined with my ineptitude at creating a solid income for myself will be some dark days indeed. Not sure how I'll train it; hwoever, it will be expensive.


Ahh, finally a skill that will make me money. The long hours of Runecrafting hardly seem to bother me due to the cashflow. Like all skillers, I will do Hot Air Balloon Law rune crafting from 54-70. I might even go for 99 in the near future to be able to afford other 99's.


Yay, another money making skill for me. Since I die too often at PP, I do master farmers which will make me a nice spot of cash to 90 and eventually to 99. Friends have suggested pickpocket training at Thieve's guild, I'll look into it.

vii. My Most Recent Level:

For a look at my bank, watch my Progress Video below.

(Old Videos, more to come as my progress builds since I've started training again.)

Deux Faces | Progress Video 4.0
Deux Faces | Progress Video 3.0 | 33M+ Bank

viii. My 99's:

The first 99 I got. Hunter always was relaxing to me, and if I had to start another skiller my first 99 would definately be hunter. It's not too long, taking me about a month and a half to complete and it's very profitable for a new account. So this is definately my recommendation for a first 99.

Profit/Loss: 35M
Time: 175 Hours

Well, like most people I really just got this to trim my first cape. I didn't realize actually how much longer this takes without cooking gauntlets though. Due to bad timing mostly the loss on lobs from 74-99 was huge. Overall, I'm happy I got it out of the way and it provided for some good AFKing.

Profit/Loss: -7M
Time: 90 Hours

Fletching was, as everyone says, easy. A lot of people say it's a noob 99, but hey a 99 is a 99. The cape looks decent and I needed to do it sometime. I strung yew longs to 85 then did a mix of stringing mage longs to 99 and fletching addy bolts. I finished all 6 seasons of House while Fletching so I hardly got bored at all.

Profit/Loss: -6M
Time: 100 Hours


Firemaking was absolutely horrible, I couldn't stand the skill and I just wanted to get it over with. Burned 12k Mage logs on Sept. 2010 Bonus exp weekend for 6M EXP in one day. Burned Maples the rest of the way. This skill was pretty afk-able and really short so the agony didn't last long.

Profit/Loss: -20M
Time: 50 Hours


ix. Activity Log:

x. FAQ:

Q: What's your RSN?:
A: Deux Faces

Q: Can I add you ingame?:
A: Of course, why not? I love making new friends, therefore it makes skilling a lot; how do I say less boring. Smile
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Deux Faces | 98/99 Agility | 1110 Total
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