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 My Bank Is Better Than Yours.

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A Fatal Wish

PostSubject: My Bank Is Better Than Yours.   August 5th 2011, 12:01 am

This is the offical "My Bank Is Better Than Yours" thread where you can post screen shots of your bank only.

Basic Rules
  • RuneScape Pictures Only - This thread is for the posting of your RuneScape bank pictures only.

  • Don't post non-related pictures - As the rule says. If it's not a RuneScape bank picture then don't post it!

  • Crop - You can only post cropped pictures in this thread and if they are not cropped your reply will be deleted. If you do not know how to crop then look at this sticky here.

  • Don't spam - Stupid, pointless, annoying messages. If you post this constantly, you will be punished.

  • No comments - If you post it must contain a picture of your bank. No posting to comment on somebody else's post / picture.

Please note that moderators have permission to remove any images or delete any replies in this thread if they are found inappropriate.

That's all for the rules now get to posting!
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My Bank Is Better Than Yours.
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